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Learning foreign languages is something incredibly important in our increasingly globalized world. But acquiring a new language takes years and a lot of motivation and dedication! This is a blog to help you learn more efficiently and with greater awareness of how languages work. It’s run by a linguist (someone who studies languages scientifically) and language lover who wants to make the world a more multilingual place!

This is Linguistically.

Join Meghan on her Language-Learning Journeys!

See what I’ve tried and what did (and didn’t) work for me.

Linguistics 101 for Language-Learners

Learn about basic principles to help make your language-learning more efficient.

Tips for Achieving Native-Like Proficiency

For those who want to be mistaken for a native speaker, here’s all about the minutiae!

Learn a Language: Tips & Resources

Meghan’s language-learning articles and reviews of resources for self-teaching or supplementing.