Here you can find information about Linguistically and the content I publish, the lady who runs it.

All About Linguistically

I started learning my first foreign language at 5 in an immersion program at my public school. Next one? Not until I was 16. 5-year old me soaked up Spanish like a sponge but I’ve had a much more difficult time with German (and all the subsequent languages I picked up after that).

Linguistically is a blog that aims to get into the nitty-gritty of language acquisition in a way that’s accessible for non-linguists. As much as we’d like for it to be, acquiring a language is not a 15-minute/week coffee-break activity — it’s a commitment. So while you can’t cheat your way to fluency, you can learn to learn more efficiently.

Some Themes I’ll Touch Upon

Vocabulary  Accents  Dialects
 Input & Output Semantics Feedback
Derivational Morphology Individual Differences Writing Systems

I’ll also be posting about my personal language-learning journeys. I tend to do different things with each language I learn due to my resources, my teachers, and my familiarity with the language family.

Language Status Learning Method
Danish Low Beginning (A1) Without relying on a lot of explicit grammar instruction, learn from input (e.g. reading) and practice with a friend.
German High Intermediate (B2) Study grammar explicitly and focus on output over input.
 Japanese High Beginning (A2) Learn the grammar explicitly and focus on output and input equally.
Hebrew  Not Started  To Be Determined!

All About Meghan

14484985_1809052529332290_6725613303966994931_nHi, I’m Meghan! An American currently based out of Barcelona, I’ve spent most of my life immersed in languages. English is my native language, and I’ve achieved decently high levels of proficiency in Spanish and German. Danish and Japanese are my next two languages in terms of ability, and then I’ve dabbled in Russian (if you call a year-and-a-half of classes “dabbling”) and ASL, with plenty more on my list for the future!

I graduated with a bachelor’s in German and Linguistics and moved on to graduate studies in applied linguistics and language acquisition. I enjoy researching the acquisition of derivational morphology and semantics with influences from CLI and markedness. My hobby interests are in ancient languages, historical linguistics, and orthography. My linguistic background will show up quite a bit in my posts and points-of-view, and in how I approach language acquisition.

Outside of languages, I enjoy vintage fashion, movies, and creative endeavors I never spend enough time at to get any good!