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Meghan Learns Languages

  • Meghan Learns Danish
  • Meghan Learns German
  • Meghan Learns Japanese

Linguistics 101 for Language-Learners

  • Basic Linguistics
    • Sounds (Phonetics and Phonology)
    • Meaning (Semantics and Pragmatics)
    • Creating Words (Morphology)
    • Creating Sentences (Syntax)
  • Advanced Linguistics
    • Intro to Second Language Acquisition

Tips for Achieving Native-Like Proficiency

  • Accents
  • Dialects
  • Slang
  • Pragmatics (Meaning in Context)
  • Register (Formal and Informal Speech)

Tips and Resources for Language Learning

  • Resource Reviews
    • Print Resources
    • Online Resources
  • General Tips and Tricks
  • Tips and Tricks for Studying and Learning
  • Learning a New Writing System